Shannon Labrie

shanon-labrieAdept on the piano and guitar, the singer/songwriter says she was “raised on James Taylor and Lauryn Hill.” Music Connection named her as one of the “Best Unsigned Artists of 2013” and at Labrie’s debut at Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin Chronicle raved “Labrie is a true guitarist and singer/songwriter from Nashville whose soulful voice’s sensual honey-crisp highs brings to mind the late, great Jeff Buckley.”

When asked how playing guitar has influenced her life Labrie explained, “I would definitely say that playing guitar sort of saved my life. When my Dad died, I had no outlet to grieve. I didn’t have that many friends to help me process that experience. I was scared, depressed, alone, and very confused. My guitar became a constant comfort and was always there for me. Dare I say, my guitar became my best friend in some of the hardest years of my life. The guitar is also nostalgic. Whenever I play, it’s like my Dad is still here. To this day I still play with his old guitar strap.”