Technology is taking over. We’re being bombarded. That which was engineered to save us, is enslaving us. Put down your phone. Turn off the computer. And listen up.

#SaveAGuitar is a return to music—playing music, making something from nothing. It’s a call to pick up a guitar, or any instrument, and create your own vision rather than waiting for someone or something else to do the entertaining.

Wish you could play the guitar? Do it. Guitars change lives. #SaveAGuitar shows all of us how great artists picked up their first guitar and how their lives were changed by this simple act.

Start a band. Close the garage door. Wake up the neighbors. Play on your porch. Tap into what moves you. Take one small moment, a break from your daily comfort zone, to connect with creativity through music.

Pure musical expression transcends age, gender, geography and time. #SaveTheGuitar is a movement toward that authentic expression which moves us all.

Play it. Live it. Be true to the music, be true to the moment.

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